Free and Simple Catering Food Calculator

I see a lot of people who are new to catering asking questions about how much food to bring for a catering or how to calculate food quantities for their event.

Well look no further, take the guesswork out and use our catering food calculator!

How to Use the Catering Food Calculator

For each category simply enter the number of guests that you are serving and the form will calculate the food quantities you will need for your catering event.

Keep in mind I have included a 10% buffer assuming, this is helpful for buffet catering since the guests will be serving themselves.

For entrees and sides, you will also need to select from the drop-down menu whether you want the form to calculate by weight, piece (entree only) or volume (sides only). The form will then output your quantities as pounds, pieces or gallons.

I hope you find this calculator useful and if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section below!

8 thoughts on “Free and Simple Catering Food Calculator”

  1. Wow! This is perfect for planning events! My family has a reunion every year and it’s always a hassle just to get people to the front door of a venue, half the time. I’m a sucker for calculators and taking figure notes, so this looks very handy to me. Are these commonly used in the food industry nowadays? If not, I feel like they should be. This would certainly make things easier for beginner planners.

    1. Hi Dawn, these are pretty standard formulas for the catering industry. At least in our restaurants, we use these everyday and they have served us well, giving us just a enough food so the customer almost always has leftovers and we don’t run out of anything. I’m glad you liked our catering food calculator!

  2. Hey Jeremy, this is great. There are so many things you could plan with this. I don’t own a restaurant but I do know some people that own a catering business. I will pass this info on. I could of used this when I got married all those years ago. Great stuff Thanks.

    1. Thanks Lindsay I would greatly appreciate you sharing this with your friends. If they don’t yet use catering software, please have them check out this review of the one we use. It has helped us grow our catering sales tremendously.

    1. Hi Kori, yes breaking down the food calculation with a formula is much easier to come up with the needed quantities for your catering event. Thanks for stopping by!

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