What is a good food cost percentage and how do you calculate food costs?

You cannot operate a profitable restaurant without knowing your food costs, but what is a good food costs percentage?

I’m going teach you how to calculate food costs in this post as well as tell you where you should be.

I cannot stress how important it is to know your numbers for every week or every pay period. If you want to make some real money with your restaurant then you need to operate like the big boys, who calculate their numbers constantly.

What should food cost be – average food cost for a restaurant

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4 Successful Restaurant Event Ideas

restaurant event ideas 3

Thinking about hosting an event at your restaurant? Great idea!

Today I’m going to talk about 4 different restaurant event ideas you use during any month of the year.

Events are great ways to boost sales during slower months. Especially if you promote them correctly. Continue reading “4 Successful Restaurant Event Ideas”

4 Great Restaurant Promotions Ideas

I was browsing the internet for new restaurant promotions the other day and I thought I would share my findings. I was surprised at some of the ones I found as I had never heard of them before.

You know when you read something and you think to yourself “I wish I had thought of that!” Continue reading “4 Great Restaurant Promotions Ideas”

Drop Off Catering, Add Quick and Easy Sales!

drop off catering
By: DC Central Kitchen

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add sales to your restaurant’s operation without having to invest in additional equipment?

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Social Media & Online Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

I’m sure by now you have some sort of online presence, but are you really taking advantage of everything that is out there? I’m not saying you need to be involved in every single social platform that is out there, that would be ridiculous.

Surely there is room for improvement?

Here some quick tips for online marketing for restaurants that you can put to use today!

Email Newsletter

By: Robert Couse-Baker

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How to Start Your Restaurant Catering Program

how to start your restaurant catering program
By: Herry Lawford

Thinking about starting a restaurant catering program can be intimidating, especially with all of the other things you have to worry about within the restaurant. Continue reading “How to Start Your Restaurant Catering Program”

How To Advertise Your Restaurant, It’s A Numbers game!

Six years ago I came back to work with my father to try to grow the family business. I was fresh out of college with an accounting degree so the first thing I did when I came back was obviously analyze the numbers.

We had our product, we had our numbers but there was one thing missing that I didn’t understand…marketing. I knew there had to be a better way how to advertise your restaurant. Continue reading “How To Advertise Your Restaurant, It’s A Numbers game!”

Two Wedding Catering Menu Templates, For FREE!

catering menu templates

Why would we give you these two wedding catering menu templates for free?

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Marketing Strategy for Restaurant, The Only One You Need!

If you found this page then you are probably in the same boat we were six years ago. Sales are slipping or flat, you’re spending money on advertising but not really sure if it is working, desperate to try and find some consistency with your dining room traffic.

Today I want to tell you about the only marketing strategy for restaurant that you need.

Catering is Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Restaurant
By: gabia party

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Free Catering Order Form Template

There’s nothing more embarrassing then calling a customer back after you spent ten minutes on the phone with them about their order because you realized you forgot to ask about a minor detail.

Don’t let that happen again with this free catering order form template! 

You have worked hard to get those customers calling and emailing you about catering services, show them some professionalism and assure them you know what you are doing. Here I will be dissecting the three main parts of this catering order form template. Continue reading “Free Catering Order Form Template”