4 Successful Restaurant Event Ideas

restaurant event ideas 3

Thinking about hosting an event at your restaurant? Great idea!

Today I’m going to talk about 4 different restaurant event ideas you use during any month of the year.

Events are great ways to boost sales during slower months. Especially if you promote them correctly. Continue reading “4 Successful Restaurant Event Ideas”

Drop Off Catering, Add Quick and Easy Sales!

drop off catering
By: DC Central Kitchen

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add sales to your restaurant’s operation without having to invest in additional equipment?

Drop off catering is your solution! Continue reading “Drop Off Catering, Add Quick and Easy Sales!”

How to Start Your Restaurant Catering Program

how to start your restaurant catering program
By: Herry Lawford

Thinking about starting a restaurant catering program can be intimidating, especially with all of the other things you have to worry about within the restaurant. Continue reading “How to Start Your Restaurant Catering Program”

Two Wedding Catering Menu Templates, For FREE!

catering menu templates

Why would we give you these two wedding catering menu templates for free?

You should have seen the materials we handed out when we first started breaking into the wedding market, it was horrible. Continue reading “Two Wedding Catering Menu Templates, For FREE!”

Free Catering Setup Checklist

I tell my catering staff, “With caterings there is little to no room for error”.  With that being said, in your restaurant there is a lot more room for forgiveness.

If you mess up on a plate it is easy to make another plate or give a refund.  If you mess up on a catering it is hard to give a refund (due to the increased price of the job, the food cost, and the labor involved to execute the catering) or remake the food.

The chances of you catering for that client again is very slim.  Continue reading “Free Catering Setup Checklist”

Marketing Strategy for Restaurant, The Only One You Need!

If you found this page then you are probably in the same boat we were six years ago. Sales are slipping or flat, you’re spending money on advertising but not really sure if it is working, desperate to try and find some consistency with your dining room traffic.

Today I want to tell you about the only marketing strategy for restaurant that you need.

Catering is Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Restaurant
By: gabia party

Continue reading “Marketing Strategy for Restaurant, The Only One You Need!”

4 Thoughts on How to Sell Catering Services

How to Sell Catering Services 6
By: Happy Krissy

If you’re asking how to sell catering services, make sure you have your business set up to do catering.

You will want to have a catering menu that offers your selections and the services that you provide.  If you need help setting up or designing a catering menu we offer a free template design.

If you already have your catering menu in place, then it is time to sell! Continue reading “4 Thoughts on How to Sell Catering Services”

Free Catering Order Form Template

There’s nothing more embarrassing then calling a customer back after you spent ten minutes on the phone with them about their order because you realized you forgot to ask about a minor detail.

Don’t let that happen again with this free catering order form template! 

You have worked hard to get those customers calling and emailing you about catering services, show them some professionalism and assure them you know what you are doing. Here I will be dissecting the three main parts of this catering order form template. Continue reading “Free Catering Order Form Template”

How To Set Up A Catering Table

How To Set Up A Catering TableWhen you set up a catering table it is important to know the theme and know the crowd you are wanting to please with this catering table setup.

Whether the event is an expo, wedding catering, luncheon, holiday party, or any event know the client, the look you want to achieve, and have a plan. Continue reading “How To Set Up A Catering Table”

How To Staff Catering Events


how to staff catering events
By: DC Central Kitchen

When we first started catering, our staffing was all over the place. We usually never had enough or we would have so many that our profits were non-existent.

After many years of trial and error I now feel confident that I know how to staff catering events. Continue reading “How To Staff Catering Events”